Kathy Bain

    I think we have to admit that it would be hard to top Before We Were Yours. Yet, I really enjoyed this book. Once again maybe because of the setting and time period. I loved the character of Benny.

    I took a teaching job in South Texas for exactly the same reason and felt blind-sided just as she did. I think maybe that is why I could connect with this one. The poverty was astounding and the lack of trust among the minority families and lack of acceptance by the majority is spot on.

    I loved her interactions at the plantation house and all the things she learned. I think her story could have been a stand alone novel easily.

    Juneau Jane and the rest of that crew is slightly unbelievable. You are not going to take a southern belle and throw her into the trenches. Much of that part of the book was just hard to wrap my mind around.