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    The Echo of Old Books, The Lost Manuscript, The Thursday Murder Club, Broken Girls, The Book of Cold Cases, The Last Tale of the Flower Bride, What’s Done in Darkness, Carmilla, The Lost Melody, When We Were Bright and Beautiful and Darling Girl.

    Several are Christian (The Lost Manuscript, The Lost Melody) or at least have some Christian leanings. Carmilla is the first vampirism tale and precedes Dracula. There is a sapphic element to it as well, but does read like an OG fairy tale. Darling Girl is a Peter Pan retelling and I found it quite captivating. Broken Girls and The Book of Cold Cases both have supernatural elements in them and are written by the same author. What’s Done in the Dark and When We Were Bright and Beautiful are both family secrets and past trauma. Both have significant trigger warnings in case the subject matter is problematic. The Echo of Lost Books and The Thursday Murder Club are both cozy mysteries, The Thursday Murder Club is a cozy murder mystery.

    Darling Girl, Broken Girls and When We Were Bright and Beautiful were instrumental in breaking my own reading slump.

    On a side note, the audiobook for Remarkably Bright Creatures is narrated by a very lovely, charming  pair of individuals. I fell in love with the characters and story in part because of the male narrator.

    Good luck and happy reading.