I read this book this month also. It has become one of my all time favorite books. I loved the relationship between Starla and Eula! Eula reminded me of the maid I had while growing up in the early sixties. Her name was Daisy and I loved her so. She was kind and attentive to me. I was heart broken when she quit when I was about 5. With improvements in civil rights she was now able to attend nursing school. Until this time blacks were not allowed to do so. Being a nurse was a dream of hers. I’m sure she mage a wonderful nurse and her patients were luck to have her.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I agree with Jaimette that Starla seemed older than nine years old. But I still fell in love with this book and Starla’s journey and the people she met along the way. Most of them anyway.</p>