Garden Spells had been on my TBR for years, so First Frost gave me a reason to get to it. I enjoyed both books and also read them back to back.

    I did notice the many descriptions and explanations of characters in First Frost from the first story, but I didn’t think much on it. I absolutely loved Garden Spells, though, and felt First Frost didn’t have quite the same level of enchantment, so maybe it was the abundance of recapping in First Frost that made it feel a little more flat?… I understand the reason for it, though, their publications being more than 6 years apart. If someone didn’t want to read/reread Garden Spells, it takes away the necessity of doing so, logically, I guess. What kept popping up in my head while reading was the lack of Tyler and Claire interactions in First Frost. I mean, I know they were each the two sisters’ separate stories, but going from how intent Tyler was in Garden Spells, to a bizarre feeling of his and Claire’s merely coexisting in First Frost was a bit disappointing for me.

    Regardless, they were both quaint and cozy reads – I’m always shocked at how much I enjoy a little magical realism.

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