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    I just finished Demon Copperfield – and while Kingsolver did a great job with the voice of Demon and Angus/Angus and so many of her characters, just like the alluded to Dicken’s novel David Copperfield she went way too far and too long with this plot. I will admit, I skimmed many of the chapters with football and the crazy drug scenes at the end. Like David Copperfield, I really don’t like it, but made myself finish. I was horrified by some of what she said about so much being taken away from this generation – because in many ways its all that they are given and taking for granted that is a lot of the problem – that and the examples and availability of their parents, teachers, coaches, and, yes, health care providers. Her criticism of the social services is dead on – and I’m not quite sure how we can truly solve it – but there are limits to the Ms. Annes and Mr. Armstrongs and what we can do. It’s a tough novel, tough commentary on what’s out there and the choices kids are making. Give me Angus/Agnes, please! I am not ready for these challenges in my own teens – and they at least have a mom who is aware and there for them – though maybe not quite Momma June.