I am in the middle of a movie version of David Copperfield on Hulu (with Dev Patel). I am loving it, but I’m not sure exactly how closely it follows the book as I read it approximately 100 years ago. I used to read all of Barbara Kingsolver’s books but didn’t keep up with them for some reason. I also heard her on the Armchair Expert podcast and Loved her. I  loved what she had to say about the power of reading and how she decided the way in which she wrote this book. I am about halfway through and am amazed by it. Like Dax Shepherd said on the podcast, if you didn’t know who the author was, you could only assume it was a male who had actually lived this life. I am simultaneously watching the Hulu show “Dopesick” which she references as a good look into the origins of the opioid epidemic.