I had a similar reaction to this book. I enjoyed learning more about how Van Gogh became famous after his death. I was aware that he wasn’t popular during his lifetime but I didn’t realize that it was the tireless work of his sister in law that brought his work to the people.

    I generally do not like dual timelines, and this was no exception. I didn’t like the modern chapters at all. Very predictable. As soon as she opened the door and found Bram on her doorstep it was obvious this was a love interest.  I don’t like romance novels, and Emsely’s part of the book was more romance than historical fiction.

    i realized after finishing that the author generally writes romance and fantasy and this was her first foray into historical fiction.  After countless rejections she ended up self publishing, which would explain some of the typos in the early part of the book.

    overall, I didn’t hate this book, and I was glad to read about Vincent Van Gogh. It’s the reason i picked this one up. I just could have done without the modern half- I would have rather read about Johana.