Until I read this book, I knew nothing about the Osage Indian tribe, and though I knew a good bit about the national hatred and racism towards Native Americans, it never dawned on me how that might play out with the discovery of oil on the lands where so many tribes were forced. I also had no idea about the early years of the FBI and Oklahoma. This was a tremendously enlightening book, one I’m hoping to add to my American lit classroom library. I’m in FL – and we’re in the midst of a supression of this history – so with the movie and some of the discussions we’re talking about in class, I’m hoping many of my students will pick this up.  When I finished this book, I was horrified and wanted to talk about it with others who were reading it or had read it.


    In response to the question – Yes, I think this spotlights early Oklahoma history and a piece of Native American history that many know nothing about.