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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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          I read this prior to the challenge and remember it as a well-written and research account of the incidents. I learned a lot about the culture and how the FBI was formed. Looking forward to the movie

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          Beth H

            I think this is an important book for many to read.  I certainly learned some history from this book. For a non-fiction book, it read easily and remained interesting.

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              I also read this book prior to this challenge. I feel it is an important account of the treatment of native Americans and gives a crucial picture of how the FBI came into being.  The book disturbed me when I read it, in fact, I swore off of non-fiction and picked up my first paranormal book. As a pic, I was well versed in the cruelties inflicted on Black and Brown people but through school or lack of schooling I believed that the Native American suffered massive land grabs and forced assimilation that disrupted their cultural integrity. What was revealed in this book was much worse.

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              Linda J Bredehoft

                I think this is a very important book. I also had read it prior to the challenge and couldn’t put it down.

                I grew up in Oklahoma and had alot of Oklahoma history, even in college. I had never heard of any of this history. It was a tragedy that I’m glad has finally come to light.

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                  I also had read previous to the challenge. I thought it was important enough that I brought it to my book club as one to read & discuss together. It along with Dreamland Burning were very enlightening and disturbing at the same time. Neither topics seemed to be taught previously but perhaps are being brought to light now.

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                    Until I read this book, I knew nothing about the Osage Indian tribe, and though I knew a good bit about the national hatred and racism towards Native Americans, it never dawned on me how that might play out with the discovery of oil on the lands where so many tribes were forced. I also had no idea about the early years of the FBI and Oklahoma. This was a tremendously enlightening book, one I’m hoping to add to my American lit classroom library. I’m in FL – and we’re in the midst of a supression of this history – so with the movie and some of the discussions we’re talking about in class, I’m hoping many of my students will pick this up.  When I finished this book, I was horrified and wanted to talk about it with others who were reading it or had read it.


                    In response to the question – Yes, I think this spotlights early Oklahoma history and a piece of Native American history that many know nothing about.



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                      Beth H

                        Blessings to you for being a socially conscious teacher in Florida. You and your colleagues are in my prayers

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                      Brandi Carney

                        I read this book before the challenge (it was a book I read last year).  I do think it was a good fit for the USA challenge.. I learned a lot when I read it.  However, I felt like it was way too long.  I am looking forward to watching the movie though.

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                        Megan James

                          Absolutely should stay on the list as it is a story very tied to a specific geographic place. The fact that it is about real life events makes it even more important to include as it brings to light something that we should all know about but likely have never heard of

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                            I don’t read a lot of nonfiction, but this one called to me when I saw it on the list. I think with the movie coming out, a lot of people are reading it. I placed a hold on the book, and it took almost a month to get it, so it’s popular right now. It should definitely stay on the list.

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                              A great read.  This book was another eye-opener for me.  I knew nothing of the events which took place in Oklahoma.  I am sadly realizing how much history I do not know.  I enjoyed how the author told the story.  I felt I was a listener…not a reader.  It should be required reading in high school.

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