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        I don’t have a good read on how well the movie will mirror the book versus being inspired by it, especially as the script was changed after Scorcese got to know the present-day Osage tribe and hear their stories. But, the more I’ve read about the ways the Osage were honored during the filmmaking, the more I”m eager to see it! Here’s one good article:


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        Megan James

          <p style=”text-align: left;”>I don’t get the chance to see many movies, but I would definitely be interested in seeing this one, especially if the Osage people are happy with how their history is presented. I think it’s great that such big names are telling this story, because it’s going to reach a lot more people than if it would be some small indie film with unknown actors/directors. We all need to know these ugly parts of our history so that we can make sure that they never happen again.</p>

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            I was talking to my mom about this book, and she mentioned the movie. She mentioned the same thing you said about Scorcese making sure things went right. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. It looks like a good cast.

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            Lori Williams

              Yes! There was a big hype here in oklahoma when they were filming it. Although, I’m in OKC, it was being filmed up in Tulsa area. I now want to go to all the small towns mentioned in the book. I really haven’t been up that way to explore yet. I am definitely interested in how the script goes!

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