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        I found myself getting worked up over the story about halfway through!
        I couldn’t seem to empathize with one perspective at all!
        Did this happen to anyone else?

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          I read this one last year, so could be mis-remembering, but I feel like I was totally split on what “the right thing to do” was throughout the book. At every turn, my feelings changed toward each character, and I was regularly both irritated toward them and empathatic toward them.

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          Tammy Wasserman

            I felt the same – my opinion changed as I read new chapters.  I especially felt for the husband as he wrestled with his feelings for his wife and what he truly felt was right.  It was difficult to see them convicted knowing the reasons for their choices. But justice did need to be served.

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            Beth Nemchek

              I agree, the “ right thing to do” was far more slippery an issue than I would have thought! This  book definitely is disturbing in that sense.

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              Tami Hinshaw

                I love that this book is in a “gray” area of life.  My work is so clear that the product must meet the design with no variation, that I look for books with ethical dilemmas, and this book certainly provided that.

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                Connie Doll

                  I read this last year.  It was definitely a book that challenged me.  What would I do in that situation? And what is the “right thing to do?”  It also showed how cut off from society the lighthouse keepers and their families are, and how decisions might be made differently.

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