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      Kris Ingra

        I am one who usually thinks a movie or miniseries does not compare well to the book. However, this miniseries is quite well done. Perhaps it is partially that there are blind actresses who play the part of the blind girl and young woman. How refreshing to see. (I get the irony in wanting to watch a blind actor.) Yet to me when a movie is authentically cast, it is step one to bringing a book successfully to the film media.  Comments?

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          I liked the book but hated the ending. I thought the extra chapters about her live in France growing up and getting old were irrelevant… so,I liked the series adaptation which focuses in the core of the story, and ignores the ending of the book.





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            I liked the adaptation but happy I read the book first.  Besides the ending, I think the book did a better job at building the relationship between the dad and his daughter.

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