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        I’ve seen this on countless lists but never got around to reading it. Until I saw it on the ICYMI list I didn’t realize it was told mostly through emails, letters, etc.  I’ve found I really enjoy books written this way.

        i really enjoyed this book. It was a very quick read.

        interestingly enough I felt that many of the characters are pretty unlikeable, especially Bernadette and Elgin.  Sure they’re both quirky geniuses, but c’mon. It’s hard to be they would continue to live in their uninhabitable house when they had clearly had the means and know how to improve it.

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        Stephanie Newhart

          This one has been on my list for a while too, and I am glad I finally read it.  I enjoyed it.  Also needed to read a lighter book since I have recently read books on more serious topics and I needed a break.  The book was funny, but I am with you, I had concerns about the characters too.  I felt badly for Bee most of the time.  I did love the mudslide though!

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            I find it interesting when authors write unlikeable characters, it’s more challenging to keep the reader invested in the story, but in this case it worked very well in my opinion.

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            Laura Trnka

              I agree with others that many of the characters are presented as unlikeable, though most have some redeeming qualities. For much of the book, the adults reminded me of middle schoolers, while Bee was presented more adult-like. For that reason, I really struggled with this book for a while, going days just reading a page or two. As more was uncovered about the characters, my enjoyment of the book grew. I did like it in the end, just wished I got hooked into it sooner.  If not for this challenge, I may have put the book down entirely.

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              Peggy Walker

                Just finished this one. Without this challenge, I probably would never have gotten around to it, mainly because I don’t care for the epistolary format. When I looked for reviews of the book, someone noted they had really enjoyed the audio version. I’ve been sick for over 2 weeks and had been having difficulty concentrating, so I decided to give it a try. That was just the ticket! I thought the narrator (Kathleen Wilhoite) really brought all the characters to life. I got more and more delighted as the book went on. So different from my usual reads. I really enjoyed it!

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                  It does happen often but it happens. I was influenced by the book cover and decided that the story contained within was too frivolous to give my hard-earned reading time. I am retired now and can generally spend as much time as I like reading. I alternated between a ebook and an audiobook. I loved  the book, surprise.

                  Bernadette seemed a modern day Miss Havisham. She stopped moving forward in her life at the moment the 20 mile house met its fate.  The condition of her home, its persistent deterioration, reminiscent of the crumbling wedding cake.  I was upset that Elgin was so self absorbed that he never responded to Bernadette’s precarious mental/emotional state.

                  The mudslide was priceless. I howled with laughter. It was one of the accounts I read and listened too.




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