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        Just curious if anyone else felt like the genre of this book “shifted” part way through? The beginning felt very character driven, I looked forward to seeing the relationship develop between Carl and Joe and then Joe and Lila. When Joe and Lila started to pursue the truth on their own, the feeling of the book switched to more of a thriller with an action packed ending along the lines of that particular genre. I like both character driven literature and thrillers so I can’t complain, I suppose that judging by the way it started I wanted to know Carl a little deeper before his ending.

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          I agree with you. I also enjoy both but i think it was stronger on the character aspects than yhe thriller aspects.

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          Carol V

            interesting way to put it . I recognized there was a definite switch but had not put my finger on it. I found the character development a unique aspect of a typical mystery but found the switch to thriller a bit jarring.

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