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        I really enjoyed the narrative of Tisha as she told her first year teaching experiences in Alaska. It takes someone tough and determined to make a life in such a brutal environment and she proved herself to be up to the challenge.

        It was eye opening, too, about the racism and prejudices against the indigenous people living there and women in general. We have come a long way since then, but not nearly far enough. Books like this help point out the injustices, so that little by little the hate can be exposed for the evil that it is, and hopefully, in time, love and justice can overcome it.

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        Nancy Bethel

          I loved this book. I was amazed at the author’s courage- as a teen-ager!!! And her compassion.

          It was sad to see the extreme prejudice against Natives- including the children.

          I think I’ll always remember the little children being put into Anne’s bed with hot potatoes to try to stay warm. This book will stay with me.

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