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      Candice Wells

        What ADA would act like this?

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          Which ADA? Andy or Neal?  If you are talking about Neal I 100% agree. He was a jerk from page 1. If you’re talking about Andy I think he put fatherhood before work as he should. Ever kid ought to have a dad who believes in him as much as Andy believed in Jacob.

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            I just finished it and am still processing the ending. Likely a  3.5-4 star read for me.  I appreciate that the story is told from the perspective of the family of the accused

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              I enjoyed it. Dad was somewhat misogynistic so there were a few cringes. But, the twists were good. Followed up on and not left dangling. The science and psychology were well explained but not overdone as to be boring. I am going to give it a 4.

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              Tammy Wasserman

                Jacob’s parents did have their doubts, but like most parents, they didn’t want to believe their son could be involved.  But after the girl’s disappearance, his mom faced the truth!  Wow, what a choice she made!! I wonder if she felt responsible?

                I think Jacob’s dad reacted like a normal father.  But the other DA (Neal) really seemed to have a vendetta against Andy.  I would hope someone would control him more (if this were not fiction)!

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                Stephanie Newhart

                  I thought the book brought to light the challenges that parents face when there is a possiblity that their child is mentally ill and likely dangerous.  What a terrible truth to face.  No one knows for sure how they would handle it.

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