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        This one was interesting. Lots of descriptive elephant detail intermixed with Sixth Sense and A Beautiful Mind. There are some lovely gems in the writing, but in the end I was really flummoxed by the lack of believability of it all.

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          You did better than me, lol! I got about 70 pages in and had the following internal argument:

          ‘This girl is dead, and the psychic can see her but doesn’t realize she’s dead.

          No… That’s just the 6th Sense…

          But… There was the friend who disappeared… And the “old lady” at the police station after the young girl ignored her. She’s definitely dead.”

          Then I realized I didn’t care enough to finish the book, googled to see if I was right, and added it to my “DNF list”

          Maybe it’s just the two books I’ve happened to pick up, but Jodi Picoult seems like the M. Night Shyamalan of books. After I read “Wish You Were Here” by her for a challenge last year I was looking for the big plot twist this time and once I had it figured out I didn’t care to finish.

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          BJ McKillip

            I really wanted to like this book but it was a disappointment. I felt cheated that that main character was a ghost or spirit or whatever she was. It was interesting to learn so much about elephants but I’m now wary about reading anything else by this author. And yes, I did slog through the entire book all I often thought about quitting.

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            Lori Baucom

              I don’t like when supernatural mixes with normal. If I know it’s supernatural I’m okay reading but I don’t like that as a twist. Otherwise it was a great story. I did feel like I learned a little too much about elephants.

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