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        Use this topic to share what you’re reading in July 2023


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        Betty Sight

          Just finished “The Girl Behind the Wall” for the Decades challenge. Read a couple fake dating trope books before that and now I’m starting “Hang the Moon” by Alexandria Bellefleur for a Read Harder challenge. Also, slowly working my way through the audiobook of “Firekeeper’s Daughter”, because I only listen when I go for walks and haven’t gotten out lately.

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            I read The Masterpiece, I Will Send Rain and The Astronaut Wives Club. These were all great reads. I loved reading The Astronauts Wives Club which read as a novel even though it was an informational text. I found myself getting invested in the lives of the women involved in this timeframe. Although there were times I struggled to keep the timelines straight. The Masterpiece is Fiona Davis… and I truly enjoy her writing style. I picked this out before I realized it would fit in the August timeline… oops! I just started reading my books for August’s USA list


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              I finished early for August’s decades challenge “Daisy and the Six.” It was a skip the line read. So so good. 9 hour audio book and I listened to it over 5 days. Such a unique style of writing. Audio was amazing since they had a different voice actor for each person.


              I also finished for the book voyage challenge Crazy Rich Asians. It was alright. It got better as the book went on. Enough that I wanted to read more about Nick and Rachel in book two.


              Also reading a YA novel Tweet Cute.

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