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      Nancy Bethel

        What did you think about the 2 Ove movies  as compared to the book?

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        Book Girls’ Guide

          I still want to watch the Swedish version, but I enjoyed the American version more than I expected. I think it helped that there were several years between reading and watching, so I wasn’t as attached to the details of the book. Additionally, I think I would have felt differently about some of the changes if I didn’t know Fredrick Backman’s wife was very involved and that he said he expected movie adaptations of his book to be adaptations of his story through someone else’s eyes and not an exact replica of the book.  – Melissa

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          Jennifer Hasting

            I actually preferred the American movie. I know that’s not a popular opinion. That being said, I enjoyed the movie because I had read the book and knew the details that were left out. My husband who didn’t know what would happen, enjoyed the movie a lot less than I did.

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            Robin N

              I just finished the book, and rewatched the movie last night (American version).  I previously saw the movie in the theater when it first came out.  As I was reading, I thought that for once, the two seemed to match pretty well.  After the rewatch, I think they match a little less well, but still better than most. 😉

              I enjoyed both the movie and the book very much…but the book is always better.

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              Nancy Bethel

                I didn’t know that Backman’s wife was very involved. In the movies? I enjoyed both movies very much!

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                Patty Carroll

                  I’ve only seen the Tom Hanks version. The “adaptations” didn’t bother me. The humanity was still there and that, for me, is the essence of the book!

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                  Freda Chadwick

                    I saw the Tom Hanks movie when it first came out and just recently read the book. As I read, all I could see in my mind were the actors in the movie! I did enjoy both, though!

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