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      Tammy Wasserman

        While this selection was categorized as YA, it is a wonderful choice for adult readers as well. I would imagine that the reader’s response to the book would certainly be colored by age and life experience. I’m a grandma and retired teacher, but I would love to hear the reaction of a high school reader to this story!

        The topic of youth suicide is a heavy one, but the author did an amazing job dealing with it through the experiences of two high school seniors. She did a great job getting inside Finch’s mind so the reader could feel what he was feeling.

        My heart went out to Finch who needed the adults in his world to recognize his struggle and step up to help him! How many of our kids slip through the cracks like he did?

        Not a feel-good book, even though the author tried to put a positive slant on Violet’s growth at the end of the book.


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          I couldn’t agree more with your post. Well said!

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