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      Heather Hale

        Hi!  I love reading novels in verse and am currently reading The Name She Gave Me by Betty Culley which is set in Maine.  I have seen many book lists of novels in verse for middle grade readers, but not many for adult readers.  Would this be something others would enjoy as well?

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          Such a fun question! The first one I thought of was Starfish, but you’re right, that’s also middle grade. We’ll be interested to see the interest level on this, and in the meantime, I added The Name She Gave Me to our list of potential additions to the Maine list for next year.

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            I have only read novels in verse with my middle grade students in mind. However, I did read Bull by David Elliott and really liked it.  It’s about the matador myth. It’s more sophisticated and it has language that is not middle grade at all.  It’s more YA. He has apparently has others, there was a Joan of Arc excerpt that looked good.

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            Lindsay (SingerofStories)

              I would absolutely love any suggestions for novels in verse! And I think you’re right, almost all of the books I have seen are middle grade or YA. Not that that is bad but…where are the adult books? Just curious 🙂 I need to read at least one for a personal challenge for the year (any age range/genre).

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                I’m not sure this counts, as it’s a novella and it’s epistolary, not technically in verse, but there definitely a poetic sort of feel to the writing: This is How You Lose The Time War by El-Mohtar and Gladstone

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