Photos of Tesla, Westinghouse, Edison, Paul & Agnes

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        After I finished reading, I found some fun photos of the real men to correct the mental images of each of them that my brain created as I read.

        Here’s Tesla with one of his lightbulbs:

        And Edison:

        Westinghouse Portrait, 1906. George Westinghouse Museum Collection, MSS 920, Detre Library & Archives at the Heinz History Center.

        And Paul! There are more photographs of him when he is older and more well-known; this was the closest I could find to his younger years.
        Paul Drennan Cravath - Wikipedia
        And since I’m on a roll now, here’s one of Agnes!
        Agnes Huntington - NYPL Digital Collections

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        Bonnie G

          I wasn’t familiar with the relationship between Westinghouse, Edison, and Tesla, so I googled it to get some background as well.  I must admit I skimmed over the detailed parts about the patents, but I found the competition between Westinghouse and Edison, the information on Tesla and Paul’s role in it all to be fascinating.

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