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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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        Donna S.

          I absolutely think this book should stay on the list. It is a fabulous read from two different perspectives during a pivotal time in our history that needs to be explored and examined deeper. The younger generation doesn’t truly understand the depths of racism that went on in our world during the Civil rights era.

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              I agree. The 1950s are often romanticized, so we always like including books that remind us that Leave it to Beaver was not the typical experience for so many. Plus, so many 50s & 60s books about Black experiences in America are set in the South, and I really liked seeing what was happening around DC in the two different sets of financial cirumstances. Ruby had so many challenges despite her inner will to succeed, and it’s crazy to understand that it would have been even harder for her in other regions.

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              I enjoyed reading this one. I have visited both Philadelphia and Washington DC, so I liked the locations. 1950’s America was so different for black Americans than today. I liked that as a reader I could see the differences in wealth, status, and potential. While so many novels seem stereotypical of that generation, this one did not. It was raw and heartbreaking. Definitely keep for the 1950’s.


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                Definitely! It’s an engaging read with realistic characters and events. More importantly, it’s a story that needs telling, exploring issues of colorism within the Black community as well as racism in the larger society of the 1950s, which continues to the present day.

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