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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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          I used to love Grisham but his last few have just been blah for me. I will be interested to see what others say about this one.

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          Bambi Reed

            I agree, Lisa. I read many of his early books, but I did not really like this one.

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            Kathy Mitchell

              I also agree. It was ok, but not great. It was also really long. I did like the beginning part where he talks about the immigrants settling on the point.

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              Laura DiBacco

                I thought it was a good choice because wow, did I learn a lot about Mississippi. I agree with the others that it wasn’t riveting like his earlier books but I am always amazed at the research he does to tell a story.  I listened on audio so it made it easier to read. Grisham noted at the end that none of it was true of course, but based on a few stories he heard.

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                Freda Chadwick

                  Yes, it should stay for the US challenge because it did tell a story about south Mississippi that was pretty true. I googled to read more about the Dixie Mafia and the early years of Biloxi.

                  Having said that – I love Grisham but really had trouble getting into this. I understand the need to develop characters but I felt like he took too long in this book. I am glad I stuck with it, but I really struggled in the 1st half.

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                  Barbara G

                    This book was disappointing on many levels, so I would not keep it on the list.

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