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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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        Beth H

          I think this is an important book for anyone to read. I am an older adult and it impacted me.  This is a book for young adults and up. Read it!  Read it!

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            Definitely keep this book on the list! Another perspective on the diversity of our society and how hard it must be to live in it as a person of color.

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            Patty Carroll

              I believe everyone should read this book! I’m retired now, but I taught in what was considered an urban high school with a high percentage of students in poverty situations, many with an incarcerated parent, and/or living in high crime/drug activity hot spots. I can speak to the authenticity of the language and emotion here. I spoke about this book with students who read it. We all agreed; it’s an important, timely novel.

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                It should definitely stay on the list.  Although I don’t think there was anything specific to location and could have been in any urban setting.

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                Amy V

                  Yes 100%!  Especially now that it is being targeted so often by book banning groups.

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                  Brandi Carney

                    It should absolutely stay on the list!  I believe this is a book everyone should read from young adult on up!

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                    Trisha Brown

                      I have had this on my list to read and I am really glad that I did finally read it.  I think every person in this country should read it.  It should absolutely be on this book list.  I then read her book Concrete Rose which gave you the backstory about the adults.

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                      Kathy Bain

                        I guess I will be the odd man out here. I did not care for this book and I think if we are going to deal with the ideals of how huge the conflict between black America and the police force is, Dear Martin by Nic Stone is a much better book. I think the Hate you give was written quickly in the heat of the battle. Dear Martin is much better developed and the characters are more believable.

                        So no, I don’t believe this book should stay on the list. Dear Martin is a much better representation in my opinion.

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                          Beth H

                            Thank  you for your referral.   I have requested it from my library.

                            Could you accept that either book is important especially for  young adults to read? The Hate U Give puts the reader right in the most tense situations.  I felt strong emotions and cried more than once during my reading.

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