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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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          It should stay on one of the lists definitely — maybe lifetime? I think the place was relevant but could have probably been any small town rural area. That being said, this was by far my favorite book this month and maybe for the year. The characters were great and the story was good. I bawled at several places.

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              That’s good to know! It was really hard to find good titles for Arkansas (even after Melissa and I stopped into a local bookstore to ask for recommendations on our road-trip through north was AR) so we were hoping it would more Arkansas vibes. But we’re so glad you liked it!!

              If we put it on a Lifetime list – would you go with Samuel’s age or intergenerational?

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                  I actually felt it had more of a coming of age feel to it so would have put it on the list for Swan’s age. I felt that in a lot of ways she was the main character (similar to Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend — my favorite from last year.)

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              Terry Jo Shackelford

                I think this one is a better fit on the USA challenge than the Lifetime Challenge. I felt like it had a very strong sense of place (rural Arkansas)

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                    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Having lived in Arkansas as a small child, this reminded me of the area, unfortunately it wasn’t as diverse as I remember. It could be any poor southern farming town. If Lifetime, it’s definitely multigenerational.</p>

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                  Tammy Wasserman

                    I think it fit the Arkansas placement. There was enough description of the area.

                    The story was excellent, but I was disappointed that Swan’s kidnapping resulted in rape.  I think the kidnapping and hiding would have been enough for her father to react the way he did!

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