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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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        Kris Ingra


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          Patty Carroll

            Absolutely! Not only does it describe the geographic area, it touched all the emotions. It is so well written. I’ll never look at an octopus the same way.

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            Kathleen Witt

              yes.  I thought it was great and really showed the Washington area well.

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              Shelli Truax

                Oh, it was a great book! Touched on several different genre’s a little mystery, a little romance, generational, animal lover’s, grief, addiction, non-traditional families, just to name a few and it was a really easy and fast read with a surprise narrator thrown on for fun, I mean why in the world would you take this one off the list!? Wink, wink 🙂

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                Laura DiBacco

                  Great choice – I’d heard so much about it, but never thought I’d read a book about an octopus.  I loved the way the story was told from different characters, and how you start making the connections.

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