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      Lori Baucom

        I loved learning about this crazy time when the U.S. still had leper colonies. I did not realize that was still happening in the 1920s. Fictional stuff was intermixed well with the factual information.

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          A crazy pocket of history! I enjoyed this book more than I anticipated and I think is because the changes the main character goes through. Great book!

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            I agree! When I think of leprosy, I think of medieval times, not the 20th century. I love books that inspire me to research more about a topic. I was also happy to see Mirielle grow so much over the course of the book, because I found her a bit irritating at the beginning.

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              Patty Carroll

                I agree. At first I didn’t think I was going to like it, but as Mirielle developed, I came to really admire her. I had no idea that leprosy existed in the US in the 20th century to the extent described in this book.

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              Pam Fleming

                I was glad to see Mirielle change.  Especially when she decided to go to work helping others.  I did do some research as well.  One thing I enjoy about reading historical fiction is the idea to do research about the topic.

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