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      Nancy Bethel

        What would you do if you found out your spouse was a murderer? Eeeeeeek!

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          I’d tell. Turn him in. Something ! There is no way I’d ever be able to keep that secret. It would eat me up, keeping that secret.

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            I don’t think we can truly know how we would react to something like that until we’re in the situation. There are so many factors, I want to think I would ask him to come clean but there are so so many things to consider….

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            Ginny Way

              It would be such a shock. I just can’t imagine- I would like to think I would turn him in… but who knows???


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                It certainly would depend on the situation. Was it self defence? Was it an accident? Was it a psychotic episode? If it was malicious, premeditated murder of an innocent person I would be fearful and would go to the police and ask for protection and a restraining order. I’d also move in with a friend or family member.

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