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    • Did you want more about Lessa? I found myself questioning how Lessa got from a rich socialite to killing her abusive husband to being a mass murderer.  In the Lessa chapters I never felt she was a psychopath.  She came across as a rich, somewhat entitled young woman who became trapped in an ever more abusive marriage.  Thinking of killing her husband as the only solution to escaping her marriage seemed extreme only because with her parents' money and power, she likely could have gotten out (unlike so many women in abusive relationships who have no outside resources).  But I still don't understand how she became a woman who plotted the murder of so many people.  I felt it was a big hole in the story.  Did you see something I missed?

      Started by: Anne Goff

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    • 7 months ago

      Laura DiBacco

    • Twisted family Any thoughts on whether Isaac knew about his twisted mother and sister? Also, wondering what happened in the end to Aidy and Lessa.

      Started by: LynnS

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    • 7 months, 1 week ago


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