Anita I Fraundorf

    The book fit the location (Pennsylvania) and coal mining history of the area but I think there could be a better choice (although I couldn’t give you a title at this moment).  It only rated 2.5 stars for me. I thought the writing was poor.  I thought the main character, Emma, was continually outraged but it didn’t seem genuine.  It annoyed me that there were multiple paragraphs with multiple thought questions (6 questions in one paragraph).  It can be a useful technique, but it was overused.  A “do gooder” falling for the “bad boy” who ends up inheriting the mine?  (Hmmm…) At one point she asked herself, “Would she have to leave to keep sane?”  I asked myself, “do I need to stop reading this book to stay sane?”

    Aside:  to be fair, I had just finished Barbara Kingsolver’s book, “Demon Copperhead” so maybe it wasn’t the best follow up book….