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      Tammy Wasserman

        Was anyone disappointed in how easily Rachel gave in to her boy friend’s (and his mother’s) demands to come back home with her daughter?  After starting a new life, I would have expected her to put up more if a fight.

        Her boyfriend also gave up too easily on his custody demands.  That could be partially explained by the fact that everything was initiated by his mother.

        The rest of the book was so enjoyable.  But this was a weak spot for me.


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          I agree that her response to pack up and return home, leaving her new job and relationship, was disappointing. It seemed to work out but I would have also expected a bit more moxie from her.

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            Being put in the position by former boyfriend and his mother was scary! My ex threatened me when I tried to move about two hours away, but the judge scoffed. But when I moved out of state, he took me back to court, again and again. Rachel’s scared and unsure. I know that feeling. I was lucky and had support and a good attorney. I wish she had found a way to include the new guy and have his support from the start…but she did figure it out.

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