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      Stacy Asell

        Wow.  Constantine’s is a terribly sad, tragic story.  I can only try to imagine how difficult it must be to give up a baby for adoption right after birth; the immense and immediate love I had for my babies as soon as I held them was overwhelming.  But then to give up your child at the age of four!  You’ve seen so many milestones and experiences: first rollover, first tooth, crawling, walking, first spoken word, all of the cuddles and things you’ve taught the child.  So painful.  And to leave your child at an orphanage, no less.  And the reason for giving her up.  Ugh.  Seems unfathomable today, thank goodness.  But that kind of intense racism also supports my statement in the Misconceptions post about how this book (and the movie) over-represents the love between white families and their black maids at the time.  I’m sure it happened some, but not as much as what we saw in the book.

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