Exalta (Nonny) and Mr Crimmins relationship – surprised?

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        I was surprised by this given her prejudices that were revealed in the book.

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          I’m not sure I even thought about this until now, but I liked her struggle between keeping up with who she was expected to be versus who she really was. This was echoed throughout her daughter and grandchildren in different ways, but I liked that it started with her in surprising ways.

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          Leslie C

            I kind of picked up on something earlier in the book which gave me suspicion.  I thought it was a great addition to the story!


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              I was definitely surprised. Maybe it’s my failing memory, but I could not remember instances of her growth with regard to her prejudices prior to her relationship with Mr. Crimmins. Although I loved seeing her branching out and being open to love outside of her usual type.

              I’m not sure she would have approved of Kirby dating a black man if she hadn’t found this relationship, though. But I guess that is people, much of the time. They don’t see what is right until it affects them personally.

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