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      Nancy Bethel

        <p style=”text-align: left;”>I love FB, but this book seemed a bit different from his other books with the whole fairy tale aspect. What did you think about that?</p>

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          I think this is one of his youngest characters and it was fitting that she had this “other” world she fall back on… I didn’t love that part of the book, but it also didn’t affect how I felt in general about the book.

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          Nancy Bethel

            I thought it was an interesting way to tell the story. I felt like I needed to go back and reread it!

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            Patty Carroll

              I loved the fairy tale aspect of this novel. Elsa is only 8. She’s “different.” Her grandmother created a world in which she could cope. And couldn’t we all use a little fairy tale when reality gets to be too much?
              Fredrick Backman just has my heart. ❤️

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              Kathy Dawn

                I agree with Patty Carroll. It’s different from other Backman books because the main character is a 7 year old child who is “different” and every child needs a superhero. I did enjoy the fairy tale and as typical of Backman’s writing it took me half way through the story to see how it connected.

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                Dolores Ferrero

                  It took me a minute, but as the story progressed, I loved the fairy tale aspect of the story. It gave Elsa a connection to each of the characters her grandmother sent her to learn more about, in a context she could understand. Once she saw where they fit in the fairy tale, who and how they were became more clear… both to Elsa and to the reader.

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                    Honestly I’m still not sure if any of the magical stuff was true or just an kids imagination and there was just a big dog & people her grandma “rescued” from other countries?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ So I was like is it just a big dog eating buckets of chocolate & cookies or some huge magical beast!?!? It was a hard story to put imagery to in my head that’s for sure.

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                      I attempted this book, got 50% in and gave up.  I have only give. Up on 6 books in the last 600 so I don’t often do that.

                      Maybe it was the fairy tale aspect?  This is my second book from the author- I read Anxious People in January and also struggled, but finished.

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