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        My goodness, a lot of this book was educational and shocking to me. I knew foot binding existed from seeing photos a couple of times over the years, but my knowledge was limited.

        I was horrified reading so many of the details – from how torturous the process was, to how the young girls were brainwashed, to how difficult it made it to walk, to the final topper – that defiguring yourself was then used for a man’s pleasure in the bedroom.

        I thought the juxtaposition of the lower class not having to endure this torture and being looked down upon as being “big footed” was fascinating as well. “

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        Patty O’Connor

          Could not agree more, Melissa. Like you, I knew foot binding happened but had never given any thought to how it was done. Now I know more than I would ever want to know. Have to wonder who ever came up with this torturous practice (probably a man) and why a bound foot would ever be considered sexy.

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