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      Stacy Asell

        I love the weaving in of actual historical events into this book, including the music references, like the Patsy Cline songs on the radio right after her death, mention of the song “It’s My Party,” and references to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones songs.  It’s like I could actually hear the songs and that adds so much to a scene you’re reading about.

        While the murder of Medgar Evers really happened and is very depressing, I love how the author uses that event as the catalyst for the other maids telling their stories to Skeeter.

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        Anne Goff

          Yes. Those kinds of details are what I love most about historical fiction. Using real references/events to set the scene or, even better, as a catalyst for action is a great melding of reality and fiction. I always learn something new and feel history coming alive.

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          Kathleen Witt

            It really brings it home and more personal.

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