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      Nancy Bethel

        I found this book to be VERY intense! What did you think?

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          Very intense indeed! I love how he writes character development. It feels like a study of the individuals in a small town. I loved this trilogy, and all his other books.

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          Patty Carroll

            I think Fredrick Backman is one the most human writers of today. His books are roller coasters of emotions. They cover them all. Intense? Oh my yes. I chuckle, tear up, LOL and sob all the way through. And that’s why I will read everything this man writes. I just got the third one in this trilogy and can’t wait to get into it.

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            Stephanie Newhart

              I think this a great book for high school students to read in school and discuss the many topics that concern kids at that stage in their lives such as the role of sports in schools, bullying, trying to fit in etc.

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