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        I admired Kirby for her strength during this time in history. Standing up for civil rights and placing herself in what was viewed as inappropriate situations were and important part of the story.

        I was glad when she told Exalta that Darren was black.   Maybe her response of people are people should have clued me in about Mr. Crimmins.

        I like the revenge she was able to get on the cop who got her pregnancy , while talking to his wife.  It was at least a little satisfaction to a terrible situation.

        Her story line was my fave.




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          I totally agree! I loved how determined she was to explore how people lived beyond her own little bubble

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          Leslie C

            I really enjoyed her story but hard to say which is my favorite.   I thought all the sisters had such great perspectives which added to the story.  I just loved them all.

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              I think Kirby’s story was my favorite too. (It’s a hard decision!) I love her strong and independent spirit especially as it came across her in her fights for justice and the people in her life.

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                I haven’t given much thought to my favorite, probably because I found them each compelling in their own way, but Kirby’s story was probably the most interesting.

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