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      Stacy Asell

        As much as I’ve been complaining about the over-representation of the love between white people and their black maids in this book, I really enjoyed the relationship dynamic between Minny and Celia.  I loved how Minny was able to finally speak her mind in Celia’s house without getting into trouble.  I wished that she could’ve worked for Celia sooner so she wouldn’t have had to deal with Hilly and her mom.  Although then we wouldn’t have the pie story.  😂  I felt bad for Celia when she got blamed for signing Hilly up for the pie at the banquet, but it was hilarious to find out Mrs. Walters did it.

        And should we discuss Celia’s infertility?  Poor thing.  I was so glad that Minny didn’t go home instead of coaxing Celia to open the bathroom door.  I wouldn’t have liked to see Celia die in this book.  And I was glad that Minny didn’t have to fish the fetus out of the toilet.  Minny might have been paid well but not enough to do that!

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