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      Lori Manning

        After reading, “The Help, ” I found that it highlighted some misconceptions I had about the Civil Rights era. For instance, I did not fully realize the diversity of people’s feelings/attitudes toward the movement. I was fascinated to read about each character’s unique reactions to the events going on around them. Did any parts of this novel, challenge your understanding of this era?

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        Stacy Asell

          I’ve always assumed that more people in the south at that time were more like Hilly than Skeeter or Celia regarding their attitudes toward black people.  I was surprised that Senator Whitworth alluded to the governor being wrong about his beliefs.  I recently read somewhere that Viola Davis regretted her role in the movie because it inaccurately portrays the prevalence of loving relationships between white ladies and their black maids.

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            Leslie C

              I knew a lot of people felt as Celia did.  The toilet thing really got to me….so demeaning.  I also did not realize there was so many people of means that hired nannies etc….they weren’t super wealthy.

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                Beth H

                  I was the same way…that just middle class families would have a maid. I have a friend from Mississippi and her family had a maid in the 50s.  She  is a totally sensitive person and regrets that it was “comfortable” to have a maid.

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