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        Continuing my read across the USA with my 17th book/state. Wondering if anyone else read this book and had thoughts to share. I had trouble getting thru about 75% of this book. Finally, toward the end if feel it turned a corner and pulled everything together pretty nicely and I didn’t end up hating it, which surprised me. Was it the best book? No. But the character development was strong enough to keep me going thru a mediocre read. And the “twist” at the end (if you can call it that) I didn’t see coming which was nice.

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          I thought the book gave an interesting perspective on the aftermath of a shooting in a way that felt soft enough to read it without holding your breath and tears throughout the book. The character of the mom of the shooter was very interesting to read, but the last family “twist” in my opinion was unnecessary to theme of the story.

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