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        In addition to shocking moments, there are some moments in the book that make you want to cheer. Which moments made you smile the most?

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        Stacy Asell

          I love the dog and his intelligence.  And I loved that Elizabeth always wore a pencil in her hair.  While the reason for her starting that habit is disturbing, I love that she is proactive in having a potential weapon on her at all times, a weapon that is disguised as the most basic of study tools.  It’s been a while since I read this book, but besides the happy ending, those two things stand out for me.

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            630, the dog, made me smile.  I think the idea of reading from the dog perspective was unique to me and therefore made me smile.

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            Patty O’Connor

              I thought the development of the friendship between Elizabeth and Harriett was sweet. I also enjoyed how circle of people around Elizabeth become a family.

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