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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Was this book a good fit for the Book Voyage Challenge?

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        Jill Gross

          Yes – I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It gave a good feel for what life would be like here, the caste systems and how hard it is still to escape and raise above.  The hard lessons learned along the way, losing the respect of her parents for leaving all beyond and again to discover they passed never knowing of her success.  Learning she had a sister she had never meet before or even knew about.  To finally realize how selfish she had been all those years thing of no one but here self – only to lose all she had gained and then having to turn her live around again to help the low caste system people again.

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            I thought it was interesting. Glad I did the audiobook for pronunciation reasons. Definitely going to continue the series!

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              Kathy Bain

                I absolutely agree. What a wonderful book and I just picked up the second in the trilogy. Hoping it is as informative and engrossing. I learned so much. I even passed it on to a young friend (22) who is very into tattoos and she was very impressed with the rituals and meanings of the different henna designs.

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                I agree with other respondents that this book should stay on the list. It was a very engaging read with great characters, and provided a lot of information about life in India in the early years of independence.

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                Patty Carroll

                  Definitely. I learned so much about a history and culture I really knew very little about and in the process came to admire a very strong character striving for her personal independence. I have read the second book as well and am looking forward to reading the third.

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                  Amy V

                    Yes— getting ready to listen to the third book. They are all so good and quite informative about the area.

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                    Kathy Bain

                      This one is a keeper for no other reason than it is rich in a history many of us are not familiar with and it triggers further reading.

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