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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Do you think this book was a good fit for the Decades Challenge?

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          I think it’s a perfect choice for the decades because it’s very similar to how most readers approach this history through a more modern mindset. I also love the non-fiction choices because it helps remove some of that bias/perspective but this book leans into it.

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            Yes! I can’t verify with personal experience, but so much of the 50s/60s felt very authentic. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I also felt like the longer he spent in the past, the more he leaned into the lingo even when speaking to the reader and I loved that! Even if I just made it up in my head lol

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            Kathy Bain

              Great choice and I think one  of King’s best manipulations of time. I avoided it at first as I thought it would just be another JFK novel, but it was so much more. Characters were very rich


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