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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Do you think this book was a good fit for the Decades Challenge?

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          Another great read.  I graduated high school in 1969 and it brought back so many feelings and emotions of that time.  I grew up in Southern California at the beach, but life was very much the same.  I have since read Summer of 79 which was a great novella follow up.

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          Leslie C

            Honestly, I thought this book was going to be fluff with a bunch of rich people problems but it really surprised me!  It touched on so many topics revelant to the decade in such a meaningful way.  It is a great book for the decade and should stay!


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              Absolutely! I’ve read several of Hilderbrand’s novels, but this is my favorite. I love how she captured the spirit of Nantucket in the late 60s. I also thought she did a fantastic job telling the individual stories of these four women, all at different life stages, whose lives were intertwined through their shared family. Each of the storylines was compelling too! While I had my favorite one or two, I was rooting for all of them!

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                Yes, it should stay on the list! I loved it! It has been on my list for a long time. I typically read historical fiction and biography and memoir, as well as some contemporary fiction. Summer reads are not my usual genre, but this one interested me for something lighter but with substance and history. Loved!

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