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      Stacy Asell

        I’m almost scared to admit that I think I liked the series better than the book.  It’s so rare that I say something like that.  The reason is the music.  While I was reading the song lyrics in the book, I didn’t have any kind of melody in my head.  Watching the actors and actually hearing the songs was so much more satisfying for me.  I loved all of the music in the series whether played by the band or the other soundtrack songs.  I also really love that Daisy was played by Elvis’ granddaughter.  So special.  Any other thoughts about the book vs the series?

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        Patty Carroll

          I loved both. I read the book way before the series came out, so had forgotten some of the details, but I thought they did a really good job of staying true to the novel. The music definitely enhanced the expectations! And yes, Riley Keough was awesome! How hard do you think it was for her to play some of those scenes, especially the overdose?

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            I can see that being a problem if I had read the book. I listened to the Audiobook though. I also love the way the show was more fun with the songs, and more satisfying to watch them work together to get a song written.


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