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        My first book for the read around the US and I’m struggling.  I’ve been attempting to read it for the last week. Finally made it to the half way point.  Very slow paced book and it’s just not grabbing my attention.

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          I agree it was a slow book.  I read it the last part of December.  Didn’t really pick up for me, but I finished it.

          In retrospect it was a nice story about how the young adult girls learned about their parents pre-children lives that they would not have learned if they hadn’t been forced home by the pandemic.  So a bright outcome in a terrible time.

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            I see it as a character development book about the mom. It’s slow and really not much action going on, but it’s was a please to read the fluid narrative with the very vivid descriptions of the area of the farm and lake. I enjoyed it.

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              This was a DNF for me last year, but then I saw that Meryl Strep reads the audiobook so I gave it a second chance on audio.  It’s still slow going and not really holding my attention, but she does an awesome job with the reading.  It’s bringing the main character to life much more in the audio version.


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