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        Wow. I was simultaneously sucked in and horrified; finished in 24 hours.

        It can be very disconcerting to detest the content of a book and still know that it’s a solid 4-5⭐️ read. I am so appreciative of Chamberlain’s decision to write the more “normal” of situations / characters for the time, rather than a sensationalized version – what an absolute thought-provoking, gut-punch of a read.

        It left me questioning society today and what programs/socially accepted practices we may look on in 50 years and realize – what?! As well as reflecting on what has both changed and remained the same for marginalized communities since the 70s.

        Definitely planning to find a more lighthearted book over these last few days of February, as I’m emotionally wrung out over this one.

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        Heather Simpson

          I totally agree,  Kelly.  I couldn’t put the book down,  but I can’t believe this practice stayed around so long!  I was glad to see a happy ending,  but I’m sure that there were many in real life that weren’t so happy.

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