I enjoyed the story as it was a unique setting. I really liked hearing about the Rockettes and their history. I do agree it was simplistic in the writing. I wish the history of the corporation was fledged out more for us to better understand what happens in the 30’s and 40’s, but otherwise we got to hear about the bomber and his issues and family. I also liked the development of all the characters. I think we got to know them pretty well. I appreciated Marion’s tenacity and fortitude in that day and time period. Peter’s devotion to mental illness, development of new strategies and his life story was great, and it helped to understand the ending better. Though I think the love story at the end, as you state, should have been developed more, it wasn’t realistic.
    Overall I would give this 4 stars. I was entertained, read it quickly and I learned something new. What more could a girl want in a book!